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    Chimpanzee for Sale

  • Name: Ajira
  • Breed: Chimpanzee
  • Current Age: 14 weeks old
  • Sex: Female
  • Vaccinations : Up-to-Date
  • Shipping : Available
  • What’s included? : Current vaccinations, Shipping, Veterinarian examination, Health certificate & Health guarantee

Primates for the House

Our young monkeys are bottle-fed and hand-reared. We take great delight in taming and socializing our monkeys so that they may become lifelong friends and adoring family members. All of our Squirrel Monkeys have been vaccinated and are well-cared for by our experienced team.

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About them

Chimpanzees get up early in the morning and spend their days in the trees and on the ground. Late afternoon is generally the most vigorous feeding session crawl around on all fours, leaning forward on their hands' knuckles (knuckle walking). They normally sleep in the trees at night, in nests made of branches and leaves. The western chimp, the Nigeria-Cameroon chimp, the central chimp, and the eastern chimp are the four subpopulations of the chimpanzee. We share 98 percent of our DNA with this giant ape, making it one of our closest cousins. Their bodies are thickset, with short legs, opposable thumbs, no tails, and 1.5-times-their-height arms that reach past their knees. Long black hair covers most of their body, but the face, ears, fingers, and toes are naked.

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Description of their body

Arms that extend past the knees, opposable thumbs, and a large mouth are all characteristics of chimps. The face, ears, palms, and soles of the feet have bare skin, while the rest of the body is covered in brown to black hair following a long midday respite. Chimps use their hands and feet to move about in the trees, where they do most of their eating. They also jump and swing from branch to branch using their arms (brachiate). Any major distance traveled is generally done on the ground. Chimpanzees can walk upright, but they prefer to Chimpanzees normally move on the ground, but they prefer to stay in trees during the day, when they sleep in homemade nests constructed of vegetation. Individuals of this species walk "on all fours," yet they can also move for more than a kilometer on their legs. Young people are prone to swinging from branch to branch.

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Their Cycle of Life

Breeding takes place all year round. Females give birth to a single child, or twins, every 5-6 years after a gestation period ranging from 202 to 261 days. Only around three of these pups will survive. The young is carried around for the first six months, clinging to its mother's underbelly, and then it rides on its mother's back. It weans at the age of 3.5-4.5 years, although it remains dependent on its mother for much longer, perhaps up to ten years. Chimpanzees attain sexual maturity around the age of seven, but females do not produce offspring until they are thirteen or fourteen years old. Chimpanzees can live upto over 60 years old.

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Diet & feeding

Fruits, leaves, and other plant parts, honey, insects (particularly termites), and, on rare occasions, eggs and meat are used as food. Chimpanzees use their hands to eat, toss things at opponents, and make tools. They will, for example, put a stick into a termite mound and crack nuts open to dine on the insects. The animals forage for 6-8 hours each day, with activity peaks in the early morning and late afternoon. Activities may change seasonally depending on the fruiting dates of the plants they eat.

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We do not breed for profits.

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